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    Limousine Hire

    best car service sydney
    <div class=”col-md-12″><p>Want to ride across Sydney in swank? Ping My
    Cab and Limo to book your luxurious chauffeured ride at the surprisingly
     affordable price. From corporate meetings, business conferences, sports
     events, to your special day our fleet of vehicles is always geared up
    to be at your service 24/7. We have a strong team of experienced and
    dedicated chauffeurs who are well-trained to coordinate with you as per
    your requirement throughout the ride.</p>
    <p>Our fleet is ornated with idiosyncratic stretched luxurious
    limousines and well-bred chauffeurs who are there to escort you to your
    destination in comfort. We have an easy and quick booking system that
    enables you to book your ride in no time. Plan your travel, give us a
    call and leave the rest to us. Our dedicated team is here to make your
    travel momentous ensuring your safety and easement. Hire all types of
    ground transport as per your requirement with My Cab and Limo.</p>
    <h2>Conference Limousine</h2>
    <li>We arrange personalized service with event-coordinator who remains
    in your contact assisting you with your plans throughout the process.</li>
    <li>Book luxury stretched limousines with different types of coaches to serve your need.</li>
    <li>We provide a professional and dedicated onsite coordinator who
    ensure the rides and transfer run smoothly and assist you wherever
    <li>We arrange on demand Meet and Greet service to escort your delegates or guests to business conferences as instructed.</li>
    <li>Give a lasting impression on your clients and delegates with our honest, gracious and well-presented chauffeurs.</li>
    <li>Select the best deal from our flexible tariff plans.</li>
    <li>Rest your back and relax leaving your concern with the assurance of 100% honest service.</li>
    <h2>Wedding Limousine</h2>
    <p>Your wedding-the red-letter-day of your life! We realize deeply how
    much importance it holds for you. Having said that, we at My Cab and
    Limo are here to offer you the best of our luxury chauffeured limo hire
    service with unbelievable tariff plans. We have been the first choice of
     millennial brides and grooms. Our groovy fleet of limousines with
    decked-up chauffeurs will transfer your friends and family in style.</p>
    <li>We do all the necessary arrangements to showcase your wedding entrance and farewell in style.</li>
    <li>Contact our consultant and book a pristine stretched limousine of your preference from our exclusive fleet.</li>
    <li>We present to you well-dressed and well-bred chauffeurs with impressive communication skills.</li>
    <li>You get the option to enjoy the added benefits offered by us including Flowers, Ribbons, Champagne, and more.</li>
    <h2>Special Events</h2>
    <p>Whether it’s your anniversary celebration, birthday party,
    Valentine’s Day, any romantic night out, or sports event we are here to
    arrange an awestruck entrance. Arrive at your destination in style in
    our luxury chauffeured limo. Book luxury chauffeured service to
    luxuriously transfer your interstate and overseas guests and family on
    <li>Book our service for wedding ceremonies and receptions.</li>
    <li>Hen’s Nights and Buck’s Parties.</li>
    <li>Special sports days, including SuperFoiler GrandPrix.</li>
    <li>Romantic Date Nights</li>
    <li>Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays and Valentine’s Day</li>
    <li>Any special day or event that requires special attention are well conducted with our top-notch service</li>
    <li>The team of experienced Events Coordinators and professional
    Chauffeurs are there to ensure that your every finer requirement is
    promptly met.</li>
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    <div class=”omsc-toggle omsc-expanded omsc-in-accordion”><div class=”omsc-toggle-title”>Is it possible to go through the limousine available in your fleet?</div><div class=”omsc-toggle-inner” style=”display:block”><p></p>
    <p>We understand your concern to get all the information regarding
    limousine before booking them. So, upon visiting our website of My Cab
    And Limo, the gallery section will help you to find the car models
    available in our collection. Click on visit Our Fleet tab, where you
    could find our collection of models available for rentals.</p>
    <div class=”omsc-toggle omsc-in-accordion”><div class=”omsc-toggle-title”>What is the accommodation capacity of your limousines?</div><div class=”omsc-toggle-inner”><p></p>
    <p>Where we pride ourselves being one of the providers of best limousine
     in Sydney, we maintain our collection of comprehensive fleets. For
    example, our Mercedes R350 accommodates 5 passengers and 3 bags, Rolls
    Royce Phantom can give accommodation to 4 passengers and 2 bags, and
    other fleets are there with different capacities. So, now decide the
    model that suits your need.</p>
    <div class=”omsc-toggle omsc-in-accordion”><div class=”omsc-toggle-title”>What are the models in your fleet?</div><div class=”omsc-toggle-inner”><p></p>
    <p>At My Cab And Limo, we offer premium and luxury cars, which are
    exclusively meant for providing utmost comfort. So, our fleet includes
    BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Rolls Royce Phantom, Jaguar and Bentley.</p>
    <div class=”omsc-toggle omsc-in-accordion”><div class=”omsc-toggle-title”>What are the services you cover?</div><div class=”omsc-toggle-inner”><p></p>
    <p>We offer conference limousine, wedding limousine and limousine for
    other special events like hen’s night, wedding anniversaries,
    receptions, birthday, Valentine’s Day and reach you the sports events in
     Style. Just pick the model you love to take on a drive.</p>
    <div class=”omsc-toggle omsc-in-accordion”><div class=”omsc-toggle-title”>How to book your services?</div><div class=”omsc-toggle-inner”><p></p>
    <p>Upon searching, you will find a booking tab where you will be asked
    put necessary information like your name, contact details, type of
    vehicle, the number of passengers,  pick up/drop off time, location and
    occasions you are heading for.</p>

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